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Best summer Tips

Best summer Tips

                                               Summer is a time which gives different kind of experience to every age human beings . and it differs to everyone. where as students get happy because they get holidays and irritation for professionals to spend their time in heat. even more for marketing guys. but it is true fact that In summer water content in body drains appropriate with time. And it results in some health issues also. So here are some important tips to make life easy in summer. may be it may not apply to everyone but i can say this will help. 

1)Drink water as much as possible

        Most of the metropolitan cities reaching temperature of almost 40 degree Celsius. It becomes very difficult to balance water content in body. may result sunstroke.even getting bath twice a day is also help full. if possible it is better to keep a water bottle inside your bag. And eat heavy water content fruits.

2) Use of sun cream 

         If you are marketing professional or outdoor game player it is necessary to apply lotion to stay protected from heavy UV rays. and if your job makes you to stay more at polluted areas apply every two or three hour.

3)Exercize Regime

       Most of the people stop Doing gym because of sudden increase in temperature in summer.But it may cause your health imbalance. So better choose some kits to do it in your home only.And play some exercising dvds with your friends. and The work out becomes a fun time and productive also.

4) Joy of Swimming 

       As our Forefather use say to us that for every span of time there is some good thing and some bad. you can apply this here. Summer can irritate may be much long.but It also allows to get joy of swimming at any time of day. which is not possible in winter and rainy season.make a regular practice of swimming. As per some statistics 30min of swimming can burn 400 calories.

5)Pan a tour to some hill station.

 yes. But it may not possible for everyone to spend a bunch of time in cool places. But even spending very few moments can make your sole happy and make your mood fresh. and some time if not possible visit near by gardens.

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