Best Tips for making successful trips with Friends.

Best Tips for making successful trips with Friends.


Hello guys. this is the most asked article from me by my best buddies. Whenever we get free time or holidays first thing which comes to our mind is plan for trip. That may be a family trip or office tour or trip with our cool buddies. The feeling of going to a anonymous place  reduces stress, pressure, frustrations and gives new enthusiasm to live a better life. But most of the time Trips gets cancelled due to no. of serious reasons. And some time by some silly ones .so,

            Here some of the Reasons which leads cancellation of trips. And some tactics to how to fix it.

1) They Hands up Before the day of program.

One of the basic Reason people give at last time that they have some work or urgency and they cant come for trip. Yes you got it.most of the time this is lie. because they loose the interest of going to trip As they have while planing. The best way to avoid this problem is COLLECT SOME MONEY  In the initial stage only. Because it keeps their Feeling of interest to join the program. Everyone wants to move outside. but it is our mind that stop us at last time. so some time it is better to move on and listen our heart. Because one great man said " MADNESS IS LIKE GRAVITY. WHAT YOU JUST NEED IS A LITTLE PUSH".

2)Ego problems some Guys may have .

  Whenever we working in team all come with some different ideas. because as god gifted us we all have different points of view. Some ideas are cool, some are silly . may some times are outstanding.As we come up with our ideas for a specific Task it may leads to clash in group.Because of this Ego clash whole program gets cancelled.. Come on guys we don't meet everyday. And we are not expert in all fields. So lets celebrate acceptance. and enjoy with the feelings of our best buddies.

3)Lists of places to visit becomes long

It may look you as impractical But it is a true fact.As we grow up it becomes more important to enjoy on what we have that what we want.This apply on our Fun field also. it is becomes tedious to go for lot of places reason may be less time, financial problems and many more. This Results to cancel the trips of some some busy working people. So when going to outside it is cool to choose less places instead of many more. Else it becomes picnic of children.

        And there are many reasons which makes essentials to cancel the trips like serious health reasons, death And Work Deadlines. So choose Best time to program the trips. Thank you.

                                                                                Article By:Md.Saleem farooqui