Tips for Last night studies

Useful guidelines for last night studies 

1)First thing to decide how much marks you want( Dream of most students is 35.. But even you can try more if u have patience and confidence).Last bench guys always
Prefer practical knowledge than theory.. But today's situation is different than old one all companies out prefer at least 60% as interview criteria. So  goal for 70%. That you will reach your destination.

2)Pick 3-4 years question papers. Mark all chapters you targeted. While considering chapters take care that in which section you are perfect. either theory or problems. dont fall for your fear. In  exams always little risk is involved.

3)Start studying chapter wise or as theory first and problems later. As per your convince but remember whatever you do.. Do it perfectly..

4)When you all done with this have your own tactics to remember things. However it may be as per related contents of chapter or relative formula.. All goes with you..

5) Final and most important thing is study where really you are comfortable. Because if studying area is not allowing peace it results more stress on your mind.
  Have Happy exams.. Cheers

P S: These points really not proven by any books. All are self experience. You can apply on your own risk...

Article by:Saleem farooqui