Productive things to do when bored.

Productive things to do when bored.

Productive things to do when bored.

1)best thing is to take a one hour nap taking a nap refreshes your mood and body, so next time you get bored take a nap

2)pull headphone and roam around in your area listen to songs and have a walk smiling at people for no reason, you will get a good feel when they smile back at you a smile can do more than what you think.

3)watch crime stories they have real stories to show while making you aware what is going on around you it even improves your knowledge to identify a wrong person and the tricks they use.

4)learn typing many people learnt typing in wrong manner you get grip in typing without seeing the keyboard in just 15 days trust me which feel amazing no more looking at the keyboard

5)watch a inspiring video watch videos like sports, stunts or videos of motivational speakers which will ignite the adrinalin in you.

6)drive take out time have a calm ride with your vehicle appretiate your vehicle its been with you from long, you have memories with it take out some time and stare at your vehicle and see how jolly you become.

7)have a look at your old group photos you will miss what all things and crazy things you used to do in the past.

8)running get tracked up and start running, running helps in so many ways while running you sweat and sweating is a good sign that your skins is getting healthy.

9)have a shower dont have any idea what to do, just go and have shower play with soap.

10)write write and express what is going inside you as i am doing it right now, go on writing what all comes to your mind there are people who wants to read what you wrote.

Article By:

Abdul Farooqui