Most Confusing Things in life

Most Confusing Things in life

1)When You go to your relative home And they ask you to have some thing to eat and drink.

Most of the time you go to Your Relatives. and when they offer you something U cant accept directly because of you pride. and even cant deny because You are hungry..

2)When Your friends ask to join the tour.

This happens with the most of guys. Whenever friends plans for a trip it becomes so difficult to decide weather to join becasu U cant scarify Your enjoyment and even cant accept because Your boss dont give you leave.

3)At month End have to go home or No?

professionals whose salary drains at end mainly suffer by this.

4)When your parents take your cell

This happens mainly with youths.Whenever our parents pick our cell it becomes horrible situation that you cant wait easyly to take it back because these our parents using the cell and cant directly allow because of your personal data inside.

5)Best thing Finally U get susu at the mid night Go or No...

Here U cant leave the sleep.. and even U cant control it..